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The designer

The artist is a person, who, with real Bach’s dignity, and with his or her own frail, subtle but persistent work refuges any kind of atheism. Because the real artist magnifies the subtle gorgeousness of the regal alive painting, which is our Universe, created by generous Artist.

Moreover, we are all might be convinced, that artists almost recreate themselves to some tiny point. We may see the artists themselves in every their piece of art.

Giovanna Alessandro is named after spouses, who run their family business. Designers of romantically alluring wedding dresses should completely indulge in their own devotion to muliebrity, fancy air, sophisticated royal simplicity of lofty shyness and quiet musical elegance.

All those fancy ideas are mixed with almost touchable sound of bird’s wings, spreading their subtle shadows over the ancient city’s architecture and almost distinguishing chant of sparklingly tantalising far landscapes.

The royal moon, wearing an elegant lace mist, may act as habitual tint of inspiration, as well as the ivory apparel of melted ice may draw its own sparkle drop of idea, with the vibrant flowers, which appear afterword the ice and snow have disappeared…

The wedding dress is the frail and subtle expression of the hard intention to give those flowers, snow and ice, birds and their almost singing shadows, architecture and landscape to your spouse and the-friend-for-the-whole-life, two in one… And merely soft vibrant hope of the lofty possibility to receive all those things in your family life… Oh, also warmly sparkling decor of merely home fire should be added…

Giovanna Alessandro had chosen the Italian style as the prominent example of those dreams which come true… Even the cutting-edge ideas take their inspiration from that royal moon and generous sun, dancing amidst architectural ornaments. Because every real design is just a magnifying expression of a quiet regal sense.

With love

Giovanna, the Designer

Dear Bride!

 Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am so grateful for the pleasure of serving you and hope our gowns met your expectations. I know your big day will be as beautiful as your walking down the aisle in GIOVANNA ALESSANDO wedding dress. May your dream dress help you to sparkle, sharing your love and happiness with the beloved ones.